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Cat® Bulldozer

Picture of Cat® Bulldozer
The plough blade of the CAT® bulldozer lifts up/down, it can be tilted and locked in position. The loosening rake can also be lowered. The CATERPILLAR bulldozer uses crawler tracks for ease of locomotion.

$34.95 (USD)

Cat® Motor Grader

Picture of Cat® Motor Grader
The front leveling blade of the CATERPILLAR motor graders can be moved and detached.

$54.95 (USD)

CAT® Multi Terrain Loader

Picture of CAT® Multi Terrain Loader
This CAT® Multi Terrain Loader features a height-adjustable loading arm that can be raised/lowered and locked into position. Recommended for ages 3+

$24.95 (USD)

Cat® Skid Steer Loader

Picture of Cat® Skid Steer Loader
This Cat® Skid Steer Loader features a fully functional loading arm with detachable accessories. Recommended for ages 3+.

$16.95 (USD)

CAT® Wheel Excavator

Picture of CAT® Wheel Excavator
Reality is imitated with the mobile excavator, the 2 support legs stabilise the excavator and ensure that working is safe.

$39.95 (USD)

CAT® Wheel Loader

Picture of CAT® Wheel Loader
This CAT® Wheel Loader features a detachable rear coupling, detachable tipping front shovel and articulated loading arm with parallel guiding.

$24.95 (USD)

CAT Track-Type Tractor

Picture of CAT Track-Type Tractor
Caterpillar Track-Type Tractor by Bruder Toys. Made of Quality ABS Plastic. Approximate Scale 1:16. L=11.9". Recommended for Ages 3 and Up.

$24.95 (USD)

Caterpillar Train Set

Picture of Caterpillar Train Set
Engine Headlights show the Way! Equipped to Play Motorized Construction Express Train. Batteries NOT Included. Recommended For Ages 5 and Up.

$49.95 (USD)

CAT Excavator

Picture of CAT Excavator
Caterpillar Excavator by Bruder Toys. Made of Quality ABS Plastic. Approximate Scale: 1:16. L=22.8". Recommended for Ages 3 and Up.

$56.95 (USD)