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Camo Can Koozie

Picture of Camo Can Koozie
High density scuba foam keeps drink cans cool and your hand warm. Measures 1/8" thick. Camo. Screenprinted Cat design mark center front.

$2.95 (USD)

CAT Collapsible Koozie - Black

Picture of CAT Collapsible Koozie - Black
The Perfect Travel Tool. Caterpillar Koozie.

$2.95 (USD)

CAT Collapsible Koozie - Pink

Picture of CAT Collapsible Koozie - Pink
The Perfect Travel Tool for Women. Pink CAT Koozie.

$2.95 (USD)

Cat Collapsible Koozie - Yellow

Picture of Cat Collapsible Koozie - Yellow
Koozies are a Caterpillar Necessity. Easy to Carry Anywhere.

$2.95 (USD)

CAT Glass Set

Picture of CAT Glass Set
Set of Four 16 ounce glasses.

$14.95 (USD)

CAT Jumbo Ceramic Mug

Picture of CAT Jumbo Ceramic Mug
White 15 ounce Ceramic Mug.

$8.95 (USD)

CAT Zip-Up Camo Bottle Koozie

Picture of CAT Zip-Up Camo Bottle Koozie
-Beverage insulator is made especially for long-neck bottles -Side zipper ensures a no-slip fit -Advantage Max-4 HD camo -Screenprinted CAT design mark center one side

$6.95 (USD)